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The entire image of a destiny is packed into a tiny acorn, the seed of a huge oak on small shoulders.

My Philosophy

I believe that we all come into this world with a purpose or destiny. At the heart of everyone's soul is an Acorn that represents your true, authentic self. As we grow up our environment: parents, siblings, peers, and life events shape us. Many times these people and events will lead us astray from that acorn or calling. In order to function in the society, we often take on the wishes and roles of others at the expense of our acorn. The further one gets from that acorn the more distressed and lost you become. Life’s fundamental struggle is how do we hold on to our true self while being able to compromise enough to experience healthy and fulfilling relationships.

All of your life’s experiences, both the good and the bad, play a critical role in your acorn growing to be the mighty oak. These experiences are essential in the journey of fulfilling your destiny. You are not a victim of people or events. These tribulations and obstacles are necessary to your acorn’s growth and outcome.

As a therapist it is my pleasure to help you reconnect with your Acorn. To uncover the times in your childhood when your acorn was undeniably shining. Once you have identified and embraced your acorn, the real you, then our therapeutic journey will help you to stay true to your acorn in your relationships and your work.

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